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Cercon Zirconia

All-ceramics that entice.

First impressions often determine what other people think of us. A beautiful smile can make all the difference. Understandably enough, then, why many people harbour a desire for crowns and bridges that are as unobtrusive as possible - and with Cercon smart ceramics, our new high-tech all-ceramic material, this wish can now be fulfilled.Cercon smart ceramics offers extremely natural aesthetics paired with excellent biocompatibility.


A high-tech ceramic, Zirconium Oxide, is now available and has already been proven in many extreme situations such as heat shields in the Space Shuttle, brake disks for sports cars and the spherical heads of artificial hip joints. This high-tech ceramic has the potential to give prosthetic care a whole new image, because thanks to Cercon smart ceramics it can now be used in dentistry.

With the Cercon system, all-ceramic crowns and bridges of up to four units can be made in the incisal and molar regions. In individual cases, depending on the gap of the bridged teeth, even bridges of up to six units are possible. Additional dental applications are already in the testing phase and are just awaiting test results.



All-ceramic restorations made of yttria-stabilized zirconia and produced with the Cercon system have so far been approved for the following indications in the anterior and posterior region:

- Primary telescope crowns
- Crowns
- Multi-unit bridges with max. 47 mm anatomical
  length (with two pontics between the abutment
- Inlay bridges





Cercon base has currently not yet been approved for the manufacture of

Bruxism and parafunctions resistant to treatment


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